Special Issue of Materials Transactions

In June-July 2019 a Special Issue on Severe Plastic Deformation for Nanomaterials with Advanced Functionality was published in Materials Transactions (Vol. 60, No. 7 and 8). The Special Issue is published in open-access format and can be accessed via the links below: https://www.jim.or.jp/journal/e/60/07/index.html (Vol. 60, No. 7, 2019); https://www.jim.or.jp/journal/e/60/08/index.html (Vol. 60, No. 8, 2019). The […]

Web of Science Award 2017 awarded to Prof. Ruslan Valiev

The award ceremony of Web of Science Awards 2017 was held in Moscow on 15 February 2018. Prof. Ruslan Valiev won this award as the author of the most highly-cited publications with a Russian affiliation in 2017 in the area of Materials Science, according to the Web of Science database. The award ceremony was organized […]

Information about the publication of the paper

Information about the publication of the paper: I.P. Semenova, A.V. Polyakov, V.V. Polyakova, Yu.F. Grishina, Y. Huang, R.Z. Valiev, T.G. Langdon.  Mechanical behavior and impact toughness of the ultrafine-grained Grade 5 Ti alloy processed by ECAP. Materials Science & Engineering A, volume 696 (2017), pages 166–173 has appeared in Advances in Engineering. Advances in Engineering […]