Head of the Research Group for Bulk Nanostructured Titanium Alloys, PhD (Dr. Sci.)  

Tel.: +7 (347) 2733422 e-mail: semenova-ip@mail.ru

The main area of the research activity of the group headed by Irina Semenova is experimental and theoretical investigations focused on the development and fabrication of nanostructured Ti alloys with enhanced mechanical and performance properties, using severe plastic deformation processing. She is the authors of about 130 papers published in peer-reviewed journals and 9 invention patents. Her h-index in 2018 was 18 (WoS).


Ural Polytechnic Institute, Ekaterinburg. 1981, certified specialist (metallurgical engineer) Specialty «Metal Science and Thermal Treatment of Metals»

Ural Polytechnic Institute, Ekaterinburg. 1999, PhD (Cand.Sci.) Specialty «Metal Science and Thermal Treatment of Metals»

South Ural State University, Chelyabinsk. 2011, Dr. Sci. Specialty «Metal Science and Thermal Treatment of Metals and Alloys»

Selected publications indexed in the databases Web of Science and Scopus:

1. I.P. Semenova, G.I. Raab, R.Z. Valiev, Nanostructured titanium alloys: New developments and application prospects, Nanotechnologies in Russia (2014) Vol. 9, No. 5-6, pp.311-324.

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5. Miloš Janeček, Jakub Čížek, Josef Strásk, Kristína Václavová, Petr Hruška, Veronika Polyakova, Svetlana Gatina, Irina Semenova. Microstructure evolution in solution treated Ti-15Mo alloy processed by high pressure torsion. Materials Characterization (2014) V. 98 PP. 233–240.

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