2 universal muffle electrical furnacesSNOL 8,2/1100 are designed for drying and heat treatment of various materials in air environment at temperatures from 50°С to 900°С. The working chamber of the furnace is made of highly-efficient fibrous thermal-insulating material.

Electrical tube-type furnace (long-length) of Russian manufacture. The range of working temperatures is up to 1000°С.

SPT200 dryer for drying, aging and low-temperature tempering with heating up to 250°С.

Nabertherm В180 muffle furnace. The maximum heating temperature is up to 1100°С. The heating is effected from both sides with the help of heating elements in tubes made of quartz glass.

2 shaft furnaces. Shaft height is 30 cm, diameter is 12 cm. The maximum heating temperature is 800°С.

Person responsible for the laboratory:

Elena Scryabina