SHLIF – 2М/V machine for metallographic specimen preparation Designed for preparing metallographic specimens by mechanical grinding and polishing from various items made of metals and alloys. The specimen shape is random. The range of rotation frequencies of working discs is 50-500/25-250 rpm. The diameter of the working surface is 230 mm. The Shlif-2M metallographic machine has a function of emergency shut-down of the engine.

РТ-232 grinding and polishing machine (manufactured by Metasinex) Designed for preparation of metallic specimens for surface hardness tests.
The machine can be used for both dry and wet polishing. In the case of wet polishing, a pipe with water emulsion and a pipe for drainage of the used water emusion are fed to the machine.
The РТ-232 grinding and polishing machine is equipped with two spindles having the same speed and rotation direction, as well as two pipes for a simultaneous supply of emulsion to the center of the working discs. The type of spindle drive is belt drive.

TenuPol-Automatic unit for electrolytic thinning of specimens for electron microscopy. Has a built-in function of scanning of the process parameters and a capability for setting additional parameters for new materials. Specimens with a diameter of 2.3 and 3 mm are polished from both sides simultaneously, in order to produce a thin foil with a central hole that is as small as possible. The process of specimen thinning is controlled by a photocell and stops immediately as soon as any hole, however small, appears in the specimen.

Struers LaboPol-25 grinding and polishing machine Discs with a diameter of 250 mm are used. Water cooling of the working surface. Speed can be regulated.

There are chemical agents for etching of metals and alloys available in the laboratory.


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