Processing by high-pressure torsion (HPT) of intermetallics of the Ti-43.2Al-3.98Nb-0.96Mo-0.1B system  leads to  their  grain structure refinement down to the average grain size of 250 nm in 70% of the material’s volume, with the colonies of the gamma and alpha –2-phase lamellae having an interlamellar distance of 100-300 nm retained in the remaining  areas of the material. In UFG intermetallics, an increased microhardness  of 5000 MPa has been revealed, which is 25% higher than that of the initial micro-grained material subjected to isothermal forging (3500 MPa). UFG intermetallics are very interesting as materials operating at elevated temperatures reaching 800С.

 Typical structures in the UFG Ti-43.2Al-3.98Nb-0.96Mo-0.1B intermetallic: (a) areas with an average grain size of 250 nm; (b) areas containing
colonies of the gamma and alpha-2-phases

Properties of the Ti-43.2Al-3.98Nb-0.96Mo-0.1B intermetallic:

State and dimensions of the billets Structural features Microhardness after HPT processing,MPa Microhardness after annealing
at a temperature of 800оС, MPa
UFG, diameter 20 mm, thickness 1 mm Average grain size 250 nm, colonies
of lamellae with an interlamellar
distance of 100-300 nm
5000 5000
Micro-grained Grains with an average grain size of
30 µm, consisting of alternating
lamellae of the gamma
 and alpha-2-phases
3500 3500

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